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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Virtual Wedding Planner: The site could offer a virtual wedding planner feature where couples can plan their entire wedding from the comfort of their own home. This could include tools such as budget calculators, vendor recommendations, and customizable wedding timelines.

2. Online Bridal Boutique: The site could have an online boutique where brides can browse and purchase wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and other wedding attire. The dresses could also be available for virtual try-on to ensure the perfect fit.

3. Personalized Wedding Website Builder: The site could offer a user-friendly platform for couples to create their own personalized wedding websites. This could include templates, design options, and features such as RSVP management and guestbook.

4. Virtual Wedding Invitations: The site could offer a variety of customizable virtual wedding invitation designs that couples can send to their guests. This could include options for digital save-the-dates, RSVP tracking, and guest list management.

5. Interactive Wedding Planning Community: The site could have a community forum where brides and grooms can connect with each other, share ideas, and offer advice. This could also include live Q&A sessions with wedding experts and a marketplace for buying and selling wedding items.

6. Destination Wedding Planning: For couples planning a destination wedding, the site could offer resources specific to their location. This could include vendor recommendations, travel tips, and information on local customs and traditions.

7. Wedding Registry: The site could offer a comprehensive wedding registry feature where couples can create a registry of items from various stores and share it with their guests. This could also include a cash fund option for experiences or honeymoon activities.

8. Virtual Wedding Showroom: The site could have a virtual showroom where couples can view and book vendors for their wedding. This could include photographers, venues, caterers, and more.

9. Wedding Inspiration Gallery: The site could have a gallery of real weddings for inspiration. This could include photos, videos, and details about the wedding, as well as the vendors involved.

10. Virtual Wedding Consultations: The site could offer virtual consultations with wedding experts such as planners, designers, and photographers. This could be a great resource for couples who need guidance and advice throughout the planning process.

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